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You save TIME and MONEY 💸

Vidify shortens the video-creating process and makes it adjustable & flexible for the future.


Preparation 📝

Choose a topic and use your knowledge to explain it


Create Visuals 🎨

Create slides using pictures, texts, and drawings


Record Video 🎥

Buy expensive equipment and spend hours recording

No longer needed

Cut Video ✂️

Adjust your video for mistakes that occurred during recording

No longer needed

Easy revisions 👍🏻

Edit the video any time to improve it and your new video is ready in seconds. Adjusting your content later becomes a breeze!

Our Features

Here are a few of the awesome features we provide.

Slide Editor

Easy to use

With our simple design, everyone can create informative videos with ease!

Amazing Audio

Just click "Generate Video"

You don't need to record yourself, the AI does everything for you. But of course, you can speak yourself, too!

1-Click Translation

Enterprise FEATURE

Through 1-Click Translation you can reach the whole world! Create videos in different languages with just one click.

Our Priceplans

Our priceplans have been created to ensure you get the most out of our service.


Basic Plan

All you need to start your project!

  • 2 projects
  • 10 slides per video
  • 2000 symbols
  • 20 video minutes
  • 1-click translations
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14,99€/ month

Pro Plan

Bring your project to the next level!

  • 100 projects
  • 100 slides per video
  • 50000 symbols
  • 4000 video minutes
  • 1-click translations
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Enterprise Plan

Coming Soon.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited slides
  • Unlimited symbols
  • Unlimited video Minutes
  • 1-click translations
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